the songs

2018 WES Chanukah Party

Ayelet planned and hosted the 2018 Chanukah party for West End Synagogue.  Enjoy this short video sample of a wonderful night of intergenerational celebration!

A Cozy Evening in NYC

Ayelet's full length concert in an intimate apartment setting showcasing the works of Robert Schumann, Georges Bizet and Victor Hugo.  Bernard Rose accompanies Ayelet on piano.

A Slichot Message... for us all

We are a global community: all of us. We are all guilty of turning away from our fellow humans, of judging too much, and caring too little. How much love and compassion would this world have if we could all see a bit of ourselves in the face of the "other"? This video contains images from the past year. Many are disturbing. They should be.

-Ayelet P, 9/22/16

Clara - A Jewish Russian Immigrant Tale

Song of Miriam

Ayelet's performance from December of 2010 of Jeff Marder's Song of Miriam during the Fourth Shalshelet International Festival at Congregation Ansche Chesed in New York City.